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What is Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is an organic holistic approach to treating various conditions such as spasms, parkinson´s, spine and nerve pain, neuropathy, seizures, and other medical conditions.

When and why was it approved by New York State

It was approved in NY State this year by prescription to treat a host of conditions, some of which are mentioned in the "What is Medical Marijuana" section. Medical Marijuana was approved in New York State to help benefit those patients who may be suffering from spasms, parkinson´s, spine and nerve pain, neuropathy, and seizures.

What are the benefits of Medical Marijuana

The benefits are effective pain relief or potentially treating the approved conditions with little side effects and with the advantage of not having to take pharmaceutical agents or medications, or even reducing the pill burden. To learn more about the benefits of Medical Marijuana, please consult with Dr. Idan Sharon.

Who are the best candidates for Medical Marijuana

Candidates who have symptoms of pain or certain neurological conditions are the best candidates for Medical Marijuana. Such as the conditions mentioned above, it is important to meet with Dr. Idan Sharon to see if you may be a candidate for Medical Marijuana.

How does treatment work and is it successful (i.e sessions, time frame).

We certify the patient for a year to be able to get Medical Marijuana formulations from the local approved dispensaries. Treatment may be of benefit to patients. Please consult with Dr. Idan Sharon and his staff, PA Cheryl and Nurse Esther to learn more about Medical Marijuana and if it may be an option for you or your loved one.

Dr. Idan Sharon can be reached at 212.945.4554 or 718.680.8105.

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